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Nobody should be left with the unexpected bills and mental and physical injuries that result from an act of medical malpractice. When you seek medical attention from a professional, you expect there to be a certain level of competence, and when this level is not met, you are right to be angry, and you certainly should not be forced to deal with the resulting medical costs.

Negligence and malpractice victims may have to deal with injuries or emotional trauma for the rest of their lives, and their quality of life may be impacted forever. You could be looking at long years of recovery and rehabilitation, potential surgery, or injuries that may never heal. This could mean you can no longer work in the same capacity, look after your family or enjoy your life to the same standard. A stethescope and a gavel sitting next to each other on a table. If you or a loved one have been a victim of medical negligence, our medical malpractice lawyer in Baltimore has years of experience and is ready to fight for your justice.

If you have been injured as a result of medical negligence or malpractice in Baltimore, MD, you are entitled to seek compensation for your damages. We highly recommend getting in touch with a Baltimore medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. They will be able to evaluate your medical malpractice case and assist you in recovering a fair and reasonable settlement figure from your damages, as well as guiding you through the complex Maryland medical malpractice rules that exist in Baltimore, MD.


Peter Angelos – Trustworthy and Knowledgeable Malpractice Attorneys

At Peter Angelos Law, our Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers are ready to spring into action on your behalf. Working on behalf of our clients since 1961, our law firm has a long history of victories, winning favorable outcomes for numerous clients.

Able to draw upon over 50 years of experience, representing a wide variety of clients in an even wider variety of cases, Peter Angelos is an exceptional and fierce advocate for those that have been wronged. This allows us to treat every case with the due care and attention that it deserves. We don’t back down from a fight, and we are not afraid to seek compensation on your behalf aggressively.

Peter Angelos Law is proud to offer legal representation to Baltimore, MD clients who have suffered personal injuries and economic losses from medical malpractice. When a medical professional fails to uphold their legal obligation to ensure utilizing the appropriate standard of care and injures a patient, the patient has grounds for a medical malpractice claim. While these claims fall under the purview of personal injury law, medical malpractice claims are more complex than most other personal injury claims. As such, they require the attention of an experienced medical malpractice law firm in Baltimore. 
A confused doctor looking at patient records. A medical malpractice lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland can help if you’ve been injured due to medical negligence.

If you or a loved one suffered any type of injury due to a medical professional’s failure to uphold the standard of care for the treatment you required, we can assist you in holding them accountable for your damages via a medical malpractice claim. Peter Angelos Law has years of experience helping clients throughout the Baltimore, MD area recover compensation for their personal injury claims, including those pertaining to the negligence of medical professionals.

What Defines Medical Malpractice in Baltimore, MD?

The simplest definition of medical malpractice is a medical professional’s failure to uphold the standard of care for their patient. The “standard of care” is simply defined as the minimum level of acceptable treatment a patient’s condition demands. Medical professionals and researchers must use the best available data to determine the most appropriate treatments for known medical conditions and for managing patient symptoms. Doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and other medical professionals may only deviate from the standard of care with good reason, such as when a patient is physically incapable of tolerating the accepted measures of the standard of care and requires alternative treatment. 

Negligence means that the healthcare provider did not follow the accepted standards of medical practice that they should have followed and that by doing so, the provider breached their duty of care to you. If this breach in duty of care caused an injury or the worsening of an illness, it might be classified as medical malpractice. This is laid out in state statute Maryland Annotated Code, Courts and Judicial Proceedings §3-2A.

The Medical Malpractice Act states :

“all claims, suits, and actions … by a person against a health care provider for medical injury allegedly suffered by the person … are subject to and shall be governed by the provisions of this act”.

Medical malpractice also applies to cases of incompetence, such as a surgeon attempting a procedure without the requisite training and experience or prescribing the wrong medication to a patient. Our medical malpractice attorney has successfully represented Baltimore, MD area clients in medical malpractice claims pertaining to gross negligence, medication errors, diagnostic errors, surgical errors, birth injuries, and wrongful deaths caused by medical professionals. 

What is the Difference Between Medical Malpractice and Medical Negligence in Maryland?

The term negligence refers to any behavior that is seen as grossly substandard from how a reasonable medical provider in the same position would have acted. This means that all medical malpractice cases have a degree of negligence at their core. If someone is injured through a lack of attention or care, it could be considered medical negligence.

Medical malpractice refers to the breaching of a duty of care, specifically, when a professional does not follow the accepted standard methods of medical care.

Experienced medical malpractice lawyers will be able to inform you whether your case involves negligent care. The sooner you get in touch with them following your injury the better. This will allow them to evaluate your case quickly and advise you on the best plan of action.

Four Requirements of a Medical Malpractice Case

For you to succeed in a medical malpractice case, you and your attorney will need to prove four things.

  1. Firstly, you will need to prove that the medical professionals responsible owed you a duty of care.
  2. Secondly, the medical professional’s actions meant that they breached this duty of care.
  3. Thirdly, this breach in the duty of care resulted in injury or harm.
  4. Finally, this harm resulted in you suffering an injury that required medical treatment and damages on your behalf.

How Do You Know If You Have a Medical Malpractice Case in Maryland? 

When you file a personal injury claim, your medical malpractice lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland must prove several components of negligence to succeed with your claim and hold the defendant responsible for your damages. In a medical malpractice claim, you face similar requirements if you intend to succeed with your claim and secure compensation. First, your medical negligence lawyer in Baltimore must prove that a formal doctor-patient relationship existed between you and the defendant named in your medical malpractice suit. Second, your attorney must establish the standard of care that your situation demanded. This may require consultation with outside medical professionals who can attest to whether the treatment you received was appropriate considering the details of your situation. 

The next stage of determining whether medical malpractice caused your damages is to identify the doctor’s failure to uphold the standard of care. Your medical malpractice attorney in Baltimore must also prove that this failure resulted in your claimed damages. Most incidents of medical malpractice will require victims to undergo corrective treatment, resulting in additional medical expenses and a longer recovery time. Your Baltimore medical malpractice attorney can help you assess the extent of the damages you can include in your medical malpractice claim. 

Peter Angelos Law has years of experience assisting clients with complicated medical malpractice claims. We are very familiar with the various indications of medical malpractice and can help clients accurately determine the full scope of the damages available in their claims. We can also consult with a wide network of medical professionals and other expert witnesses to support a client’s claim and ensure their recovery. 

Types of Claims Handled By Our Baltimore, Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney

When you require legal counsel for any type of civil claim, it is essential to find a Baltimore personal injury lawyer who has an extensive background of handling cases like your own. Peter Angelos Law provides legal representation to clients facing a wide range of medical malpractice claims, including: 

Birth Injuries 

The birth of a child should be a time for celebration. All too often, however, the childbirth process and the associated procedures are marred by medical negligence. A birth injury can potentially cause permanent damage to the infant and in some cases can negatively affect the health of the mother as well. Cerebral palsy, injuries from surgical instruments, and even fatal birth injuries are possible when medical professionals do not handle childbirth procedures appropriately. 

Parents who pursue birth injury claims can potentially secure compensation for both immediate and future medical costs resulting from the incident. For example, the doctor’s negligence may have caused an infant to develop permanent brain damage that will prevent them from living independently for the rest of their life, placing extreme hardship on the child’s parents. Plaintiffs in birth injury claims can secure substantial compensation with the assistance of experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Surgical Errors

Surgeons must use the utmost care when performing surgical procedures. Even minor invasive or routine surgeries carry significant risks for patients, especially when surgeons fail to execute these procedures correctly. A surgery error could cause the patient to require further surgical treatment to correct the error, extending their recovery time and increasing the economic impact of their treatment. If you believe you or a loved one suffered adverse effects from a surgical error, a skilled surgical error lawyer can help you determine who bears liability for your damages and assist you in holding them accountable. 

Emergency Room Errors

Emergency rooms are inherently chaotic for many reasons, but the medical professionals working in these environments must follow appropriate standards of care when addressing each individual patient. Unfortunately, emergency room errors can result in devastating consequences for patients. If you believe a recent medical injury was caused by an emergency room error, you can file a medical malpractice claim against the emergency room personnel you believe to be responsible for your injury. 

Medication Errors

Doctors must use caution when prescribing medications to patients, and pharmacists must ensure all patient prescriptions are filled accurately. If a prescribing doctor mistakenly prescribes the wrong type of medication, the wrong dosage, or fails to account for a patient’s drug allergies or known sensitivities to the medication, they can do serious or even fatal harm to the patient. Similarly, when a pharmacist fails to fill a prescription correctly, they can be held accountable for any resulting adverse effects the patient experiences. If you or a loved one suffered medical complications due to a medication error, you likely have grounds for a medical malpractice claim against the party responsible for the error.

Misdiagnosis / Failure to Diagnose

There is a strict diagnostic process all physicians must follow when determining the cause of a patient’s symptoms. A doctor has a professional obligation to conduct an accurate diagnosis using the process of elimination to precisely identify a patient’s condition. They must also conduct this diagnostic process in a timely manner. If a doctor delivers an incorrect diagnosis, the patient may undergo inappropriate treatment that worsens their condition or causes additional complications. 

If the doctor fails to provide an accurate diagnosis in a timely fashion, this can prevent the patient from receiving the treatment they need before their condition worsens to critical levels. To succeed with a medical malpractice claim for misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, the plaintiff and their misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose attorney must prove that another similarly skilled doctor in the same situation could have avoided the error and diagnosed the patient correctly. 

Hospital Infections

Hospitals must follow specific regulations when it comes to sanitation and cleaning all patient contact areas. When hospital staff fail to properly sterilize a hospital bed, operating room, or any other location with the hospital, they can cause infectious diseases to spread to incoming patients. If you or a loved one developed an infectious illness or other adverse medical symptoms due to the hospital’s failure to provide a safe and sterile treatment environment, we can help you hold them accountable through a medical malpractice claim. 

These are only a few examples of the types of claims our medical malpractice law firm in Baltimore can handle. We understand that any medical malpractice incident can have life-altering consequences for the patient and their family. When preventable and foreseeable medical injuries occur, Peter Angelos Law can help you and your family secure fair compensation for your damages. 

Common Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Over our 50 years of service to the state of Maryland, we have seen most forms of medical malpractice. The most common include:

Delayed/Failed Diagnosis

Failing to diagnose a condition in a timely manner can be extremely serious. If they miss symptoms that should have notified them of an illness or condition, they may mistreat or fail to treat a patient entirely, discharging them and sending them home.


Often equally dangerous as a failed or delayed diagnosis is a misdiagnosis. When a patient is misdiagnosed, they may be treated with the wrong medication or sent for the wrong medical procedure.

Giving a patient the wrong treatment when they are facing serious illnesses like cancer or viral infections may be fatal or cause serious life-changing effects.

Being sent for the wrong surgery may lead to lifelong conditions or irreversible damage.

Emergency Room Errors

Emergency room errors often occur when nurses or emergency room employees do not adequately prioritize patients. Often this happens when they are under a lot of stress.

While this is understandable, you deserve a certain level of care when you are seen in the emergency room and if you have been left for a long period of time without being seen and you have suffered injuries as a result, you may have a claim for medical negligence.

Birth Injury

Newborn babies are particularly vulnerable. When doctors act without due care, they can easily cause harm to a newborn and cause serious problems.

Examples include performing failing to timely convert a mother for a c-section, failing to pay close attention to fetal monitoring, or damaging the baby physically during the labor and delivery process.

Negligent behavior doesn’t just risk the baby either, sometimes the mother may suffer from internal bleeding or trauma that has a potential to cause serious injury or even death.

Prescription Medication Errors

As someone who has not been medically trained, you should not be expected to know what interactions and side effects come with the medicine you are prescribed. It is your doctor’s job to sit you down and explain theme medications prescribed. It is also their job to ensure that your current medication or medical issues do not interact with the medicine they are prescribing.

You may have grounds to seek compensation if you are prescribed medication without full knowledge of its potential side effects or if the medicine you are prescribed interferes with any current medication that the doctor knew about.

Surgical Error

Undergoing surgery can be scary enough in normal situations. When you are going in for a procedure, the least you should be able to expect is a competent surgeon.

In complex surgery, tiny mistakes may result in huge problems, leading to injuries that may affect the rest of your life.

There are also cases involving unnecessary surgical procedures that are performed before conservative measures have been exhausted. This may involve certain cases in which an orthopedic surgery is performed without allowing the patient an opportunity to first try physical therapy or certain medications or steroid injections to relieve their persistent pain.  

We often find that surgeons are quick to perform surgery instead of recommending safer alternatives since physicians are able to bill significantly more for surgery than other treatment options.

Post-Surgical Infections and Hospital-Acquired Infections

Hospital operating theaters, wards, and rooms should all be cleaned on a regular schedule and to a high standard. This is to prevent post-surgical infections from seriously harming a patient.

If you developed an infection during a stay in hospital and believe that protocol was not followed, then you may be entitled to compensation.

Failure to Inform Patients of Risks

Before any procedure, a patient should give full consent. Before a patient can give their consent, they should have the procedure details, and all of the potential risks and side effects explained to them thoroughly.

If you have been pushed to give your consent and suffered a known risk of surgery without having all of this explained to you and you can state that had you known of that risk you would not have undergone surgery, then your consent may be void and the procedure should not have been carried out.

Anesthesia Errors

When you go for surgery, you will be put under through the use of anesthesia. This is designed so that you do not physically feel what is happening. Administering anesthesia requires a high level of training and should be administered by a competent professional.

If you receive too little and wake up during the experience or you receive too much and have lasting damage and numbness, you could be entitled to make a claim. We often see cases where patients are put in a certain position on the operating table for too long and they walk up with permanent deformities. This is usually an anesthesia error that could have been avoided if the patient was timely and properly repositioned during the surgery.

Medical Record Errors

Your medical records should be kept up to date accurately by your health care providers. Keeping your records up to date and accurately helps prevent medical errors.

When medical records are not kept up to date, or they are mixed up or misplaced, the results can be catastrophic.  This can also happen when physicians or staff neglect to appropriately record treatments in a patient’s chart.

In some cases, medical malpractice victims are taken to the wrong procedure, given the wrong medication, or dosed twice because their records were not appropriately updated.

Statute of Limitations for a Medical Malpractice Claim in Baltimore, Maryland

If you are considering filing a medical malpractice case, the first thing you should do is seek legal representation for a skilled medical malpractice lawyer.

You are bound by the statute of limitations in Maryland and that means you only have:

  • Typically, 3 years from the date the malpractice injury or error was discovered occurred;
  • If, in rare cases, you do not discover the injury until later, you may have more time, but your time to bring a claim will never exceed the less of 5 years from the date the injury occurred or 3 years from the date the injury was discovered.

It is important that you speak with a medical malpractice attorney in Baltimore, MD right away if you suspect you have a case for medical negligence as this is a very important deadline. If you do not file a lawsuit prior to the expiration of your statute of limitations, you may be forever barred from bringing a case.

Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim in Maryland

There are several steps that you need to take in order to raise a medical malpractice claim against a healthcare professional in the state of Maryland.

First, you need to submit your claim to the Director of the Maryland Health Claims Arbitration Office.

Secondly, you will need to obtain a certificate of merit. This document needs to be signed by a qualified medical expert.

The easiest way to make your way through the process is to seek legal representation from a skilled Baltimore, MD medical malpractice attorney from a reputable law firm.

Certificate Of Merit By A Qualified Medical Expert

Your certificate of merit needs to be signed by a medical expert. This cannot be any healthcare provider; your medical expert must meet the following requirements.

  • They must have clinical experience in the field of the healthcare professional you are raising the case against.
  • They must have had requisite professional experience in the same medical field within 5 years of the incident.

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Due to Medical Malpractice in Baltimore, MD

Unfortunately for the families involved, medical malpractice can lead to complications that result in the wrongful death of a loved as a result of negligence.

Wrongful death claims allow for the family of the deceased loved one to seek compensation for their grief as well as for their loss of services, support, and care of their loved one.

In addition to a wrongful death claim, certain survivors of the decedent may stand in the shoes of the deceased and bring an Estate action for the decedent’s pain and suffering, medical and funeral expenses.  This claim can be brought by an Estate representative, often a Personal Representative appointed by the court, or a named representative in the decedent’s Will.

Who Can You Bring a Medical Malpractice Suit Against in Baltimore, Maryland?

Most medical malpractice claims are brought against healthcare professionals who owe you a duty of care. This duty of care means that they may be held liable if the negligent behavior results in your injury or further complications.

This means that you can raise a case against the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Healthcare companies
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Technicians
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Aids or assistants
  • Many other medical professionals

What Damages Can You Recover Through a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in Maryland?

No two medical malpractice cases look the same and the results can range from minor injuries to serious lifelong conditions, even fatality. If you or a loved one have been the victim of medical malpractice, you could be entitled to seek both economic and non-economic damages. If the professional acted with gross negligence, you might also be entitled to seek punitive damages, damages designed to punish the individual.

Your medical malpractice lawyer will be able to explain your potential damages accurately, calculating a settlement figure that can be supported by the necessary documentation.

A medical malpractice lawyer from Peter Angelos Law will fight to ensure that you are compensated in full for any damages you have suffered, which may include:

  • Medical bills – Your medical bills, both future, past and present will be accounted for. These bills will include all treatment costs, ER visits, costs of implants, taxis to and from the hospital, and more. You should ensure you keep hold of all receipts and bills.
  • Loss of wages and earning capacity – Following a medical malpractice incident, many victims will need to take long stints off work and in some cases, may never return. When injuries mean that you can no longer work in the same capacity, this is a damage that you should be compensated for. You should also be compensated for any lost wages you have suffered during your treatment.
  • Pain and suffering – Pain and suffering damages include all damages that do not have a tangible number attached. Things like physical pain, emotional suffering, and mental trauma all fall under the pain and suffering umbrella. Other things include a loss of enjoyment of life. If you can no longer carry your son, play your weekly sports, or drive a vehicle, this may reduce your quality of life and you deserve to be compensated.
  • Loss of consortium – If a family member or spouse has tragically lost their life due to medical malpractice, or has developed serious, permanent life-changing conditions that affect them for the rest of their lives, you could be entitled to compensation for the loss of their income.

Can I Sue a Hospital for Mistakes Made by a Doctor?

Woman crying in front of man in hospital bed after injury by medical malpractice. If you’ve been injured by a medical professional, speak to a medical malpractice lawyer.

One of the most common challenges experienced by medical malpractice plaintiffs is determining liability for their damages. While it may seem logical to assume that any doctor or other medical professional who injures you due to malpractice is responsible for your damages, this is not always the case. The legal concept of “vicarious liability” can apply to some medical malpractice claims. A medical professional’s employer may absorb liability for damages in these claims. 

If your medical malpractice lawyer in Baltimore can prove that the medical professional who injured you only did so due to their employer’s policies or failure to enforce important policies, vicarious liability is likely to apply to your case. Hospitals can absorb liability for medical malpractice claims when such claims result from under-staffing issues, inadequate or broken medical equipment, or failure to enforce critical medical policies. A hospital can also absorb liability if they hire a medical professional with a known history of substance abuse, previously substantiated medical malpractice liability, or repeated incidents of medical incompetence. 

Many doctors are hired by hospitals on a contract basis, effectively making them independent contractors. In any medical malpractice case involving a contracted provider, the hospital will almost certainly attempt to avoid any and all accusations of vicarious liability. Your medical malpractice attorney in Baltimore, MD will help you determine who is responsible for your recent medical injury. 

Why You Need an Experienced Maryland Medical Negligence Lawyer


It is vital to secure reliable legal counsel for any type of personal injury claim, but this is especially true when you are facing a medical malpractice case. These personal injury claims are far more complex than standard motor vehicle accident or premises liability claims as they often draw upon highly technical and complex medical information. Peter Angelos Law has years of experience guiding clients through these cases in the Baltimore, MD area. We can provide the detail-oriented and compassionate representation you need to approach your medical malpractice claim with greater confidence. 

If you do not hire an attorney and attempt to handle your medical malpractice claim on your own, you run the risk of having your case dismissed before the court can hear your evidence. There are many procedural requirements to filing any type of civil claim, and medical malpractice claims are some of the most demanding civil claims a person can pursue. Your medical malpractice lawyer in Baltimore, MD will help you establish the elements of medical negligence as they apply in your case. We can assist you in gathering evidence and provide a wide range of additional legal services that can ensure success with your medical malpractice claim. 

What to Expect with Your Medical Malpractice Claim 

Typically, the first phase of any medical malpractice claim is to submit your claim to the medical board with jurisdiction over the defendant named in your claim. The medical board must conduct a thorough review of the incident described in the claim and determine whether there is reason to believe medical malpractice occurred. If approved, you will be provided with a Notice of Right to Sue and may proceed with filing your personal injury claim for medical malpractice. 

Most medical malpractice claims will require input from other medical professionals. Your Baltimore medical malpractice attorney should coordinate expert witness testimony from a doctor who is similarly qualified to the defendant named in your claim. This individual can explain to the court in simple terms how the defendant failed to uphold the appropriate standard of care for your condition. They can also provide easily understandable insights pertaining to the potential long-term impacts of the medical negligence you experienced. 

Your attorney will assist you in gathering the records and other documentation you may need to establish the entire scope of your claimable damages. Some medical malpractice claims solely seek compensation for a patient’s additional medical expenses and lengthened recovery time due to negligence, while others can involve far more substantial compensation. This is especially true when medical malpractice causes permanent damage, severe trauma, and exorbitant corrective treatment costs. 

Medical malpractice lawsuits almost always require input from expert witnesses. These individuals are accomplished professionals in areas of study relevant to a case in progress. A medical malpractice law firm in Baltimore can potentially consult with a wide variety of different expert witnesses to support a client’s case. Economic and financial experts can help a plaintiff prove the full extent of their lost earning capacity as a result of medical negligence. This process can help to ensure the plaintiff recovers as much compensation as possible for their damages. Meanwhile, medical professionals can help the court understand complex medical terms and concepts more easily. They can also convey their professional interpretations of the defendant’s behavior and explain how they violated the standard of care for the plaintiff’s condition. 

Compensation for Your Medical Malpractice Claim

Your medical malpractice claim can potentially yield multiple forms of compensation. A plaintiff can expect to recover all their immediate and future medical expenses in full, as well as full compensation for any lost income resulting from the defendant’s negligence. Additionally, if they suffered permanent damage that prevents them from working and living independently after the incident, it is also possible for them to recover their lost future earnings and the cost of any in-home medical care they require in the future. 

Just like other personal injury claims, medical malpractice claims can also allow you to secure compensation for noneconomic damages. However, Maryland caps the amount of compensation a plaintiff in a medical malpractice claim can secure for pain and suffering. Even if they suffered catastrophic injuries, Maryland caps noneconomic damages at $845,000 for lawsuits filed in the year 2021, and there is a consistent, historic $15,000 per year increase to this cap. For example, the cap was $830,000 for medical malpractice claims filed in 2020, and it is reasonable to expect the cap to increase to $860,000 for claims filed in 2022.  The non-economic cap is a little higher when there are more than one surviving legal wrongful death beneficiary.  

Find a Competent Medical Malpractice Law Firm in Baltimore at Peter Angelos Law

An incident of medical malpractice has the potential to negatively impact you and your loved ones for years to come. If you agreed to a doctor’s care while expecting safe and effective treatment and instead suffered additional injuries and economic losses, a medical malpractice claim is your best option for recovery. However, pursuing medical malpractice claims is difficult unless you have reliable legal counsel on your side. When you choose Peter Angelos Law to handle your medical malpractice claim, you are investing in the success of your case and the quality of your recovery. 

Over the years, Peter Angelos Law has helped thousands of past clients recover billions in damages for their civil claims. We understand how devastating medical malpractice can be for any family and can put our experience to work for you in your claim. If you are ready to discuss your options for legal recourse after suffering an injury for medical negligence, you can get the legal answers you need today free of charge by contacting Peter Angelos Law. Schedule a consultation with our team today.

Medical Malpractice FAQs

How long do medical negligence claim cases take?

The series of events and specific circumstances that led to your medical malpractice incident will be unique to your case. This means that every case will be different from every other case.

Medical malpractice claims do take longer to settle than personal injury claims, sometimes taking several years.

How are medical negligence cases funded?

In both personal injury claims and medical malpractice claims, your attorney will most likely work on a no-win-no-fee contingency fee basis. This form of funding means that you do not need to pay any money upfront to obtain their representation and you only have to pay them if they win your case and you receive compensation. If they do win your case, they will take a percentage of the figure, pre-determined and laid out to you before they took your case.

Do all medical negligence cases go to court?

Typically, the deciding factor of whether or not your case will go to court will be the complexity. In cases where there was clear negligence and a lot of evidence against the healthcare professional, there is a good chance they will offer to settle outside of court.

In cases that are more complex, there is a good chance the other party and their insurance company will decide to dig their heels in. In these cases, you and your attorney will need to work hard to create the strongest case on your behalf.

Should you accept the first offer of compensation?

We always advise our clients to refuse the first offer of compensation in the majority of cases. There are some exceptions, and you will need to make the decision on your own, but with the advice of your attorney. Normally, the first offer will be a lot less than what the other party is truly willing to offer. 

This is why it is important to hire a lawyer to help negotiate your claim so that you receive the best award possible while at the same time, eliminating the risk of having your case tried before a jury.

Contact Our Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorneys to Receive the Skilled Legal Guidance You Need

Nobody should have to suffer through the negligent behavior of a trained professional. We place our trust in our healthcare providers, and we expect them to act in a manner that befits their station.

Here at Peter Angelos Law, we have dealt with countless medical malpractice cases, winning compensation for countless clients. We have significant, unrivaled knowledge of the medical malpractice rules that govern the state of Maryland, and our teams of medical malpractice lawyers are skilled advocates for their clients.

We will work with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and educated about the process. This makes our approach to the client-attorney relationship second to none.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation, call at 410-705-2405.


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