Class Action Lawsuits

When numerous people are harmed by the same product, a class action lawsuit is often the most efficient and effective way to pursue justice. These cases often involve consumer fraud or defective products.  They also often include incidents causing environmental hazards which harm the surrounding communities.

Class action lawsuits are complex and require strategic legal planning. Peter Angelos Law has extensive trial experience and a reputation for success demonstrated by exceptional results over the past 50 years. We are dedicated to our client’s needs and the idea that consumers deserve compensation and justice when they are harmed by the wrongful acts of large corporations.

Reasons for a Class Action Lawsuit

There are many reasons to participate in a class-action lawsuit in Maryland. The most common reason is to recover money that they deserve that may not be enough to attract a lawyer or make sense for an individual suit. In this case, Class action lawsuits level the playing field with large corporations who would rather fight consumers one at a time. By participating together, consumers can gain the leverage they need to hold corporations accountable for physical and financial losses that they are responsible for. 

Requirements for a Class Action Lawsuit in Maryland

There are several factors that law firms must consider prior to bringing a lawsuit as a class action:

  • Numerosity – Have enough people been affected by the illegal actions to successfully warrant a class action?
  • Commonality – Do the claims of the class action members include a common issue?
  • Typicality – Are the claims of the members bringing the suit typical of those of the entire class?
  • Adequacy of Representation – Will the claim representative bringing the case be willing and able to represent the interests of the entire class?

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The Maryland class action litigation lawyers at Peter Angelos Law understand the complexities of class action lawsuits and large corporations. We also understand the challenges that consumers face and the frustrations that go along with being mistreated by large corporations. Contact us for a no-charge consultation and evaluation of your case.