Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

Being injured in an accident that was not your fault can be an overwhelming and stressful time for victims. The injuries themselves may be traumatic, and you may be in a lot of pain, you may need expensive treatment, and you might need to take a prolonged period of time off work, leading to lost wages. In some accidents, the injuries are so bad that you may never be able to work in the same capacity again or may need long-term physical therapy.

In Baltimore, if your accident was caused by the negligent behavior of another party, you may be entitled to pursue compensation for your pain and suffering and the recovery of any damages you have suffered that were a direct result of the accident.

At Peter Angelos Law, we have been working with accident victims to pursue what is rightfully theirs since 1961. Our law firm has won victories for numerous clients, from small car accident claims to behemoth settlements from the state's tobacco giants ($4.5 Billion Dollar Settlement).

Our Baltimore personal injury lawyers are ready to help. We offer a free consultation to all new clients. This opens up the space for you to ask important questions, and receive some unbiased legal advice regarding your case. We will evaluate what happened to you, and if we think your case is worth pursuing, we will do so on a contingency fee basis.

By working on a contingency fee basis, we make our representation obtainable by all victims without fear of worsening their situation if the case is lost. We only take payment if we. win your case. If we don't win you a settlement sum, we don't charge a penny.

With our long history serving the state of Maryland and our unrivaled approach to building a secure and confidence-inspiring attorney-client relationship with each and every client, we are proud of our reputation here at Peter Angelos Law.

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Different Damages that may be Available in a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Baltimore, MD

One of the most important jobs your Baltimore personal injury lawyer will carry out for you is the calculation of your damages. This will give them a good indication of how much compensation you may be owed in your case.

Here are the most commonly claimed for damages:

Medical Expenses

Working with your Baltimore personal injury attorney, you will need to document and evidence all of your medical expenses. In a personal injury claim, you can attempt to recover all past and future medical costs. That means anything you have already been made to pay can be recovered.

Your attorney will also consider what your future medical expenses might look like. In cases where there are injuries that require long-term or permanent care, your attorney may reach out to medical experts who can help them document what this long-term treatment might look like so they can pursue it via your claim.

Lost Wages/Earnings Potential

For the majority of the accidents we deal with, the victim will need to take time off work to deal with their injuries. This may be for further treatment or to take time off to recover. This may lead to the victim suffering from a loss of earnings.

You can claim all lost wages, both past and any potential future loss of earnings too. This means if you are going to require time off in the future, your attorney will calculate what they believe this to be worth.

In serious cases, injuries may be so bad that the victim can never return to work in the same capacity as they did before. These are the most severe cases and may require experts to evaluate what a life of lost wages and earnings might look like to the victim.

Pain and Suffering

To compensate victims for the pain they have been through and any suffering, emotionally or mentally, your attorney may attempt to recover pain and suffering damages on your behalf.

These damages are subjective, every case will be unique. Your personal injury attorney in Baltimore will be expected to place a value on your specific suffering. This is why an experienced personal injury attorney is worth hiring. The more experience calculating pain and suffering in a wide variety of cases, the better they will be equipped to calculate yours.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

Sometimes a victim's injuries mean they can no longer do all of the things they love to do. If the injuries you have suffered mean that you cannot play basketball with your friends anymore, you deserve to be compensated for this loss.

Punitive Damages

In rare cases, a Judge may decide to award punitive damages. These can only be awarded by a judge, so they will not be in play if you accept a settlement outside of court. Punitive damages are awarded to punish an at-fault party for malicious behavior or gross negligence.

Do You Need a Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney for a Lawsuit?

It is always the smarter choice to proceed with legal representation behind you if you want the best chances of seeking the full and maximum amount that may be on offer to you.

This is because when you fight a personal injury case, you will be up against a capable and often aggressive insurance company legal team. This team of attorneys spends every minute of their professional time fighting claims like yours so the insurance company can reduce its liability. Insurance companies survive by doing this, so never expect them to be on your side. Even your insurance company has its own agenda.

By hiring a team of personal injury lawyers in Baltimore, you ensure you have an advocate that has a full and extensive knowledge of your rights and the laws surrounding personal injury. They take over the paperwork and other tedious aspects, and they also liaise with any parties involved on your behalf.

This means your chances of pursuing the full and maximum compensation that could be on offer to you is much higher.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm?

Most personal injury attorneys in Baltimore work on a contingency fee basis so that all victims have the opportunity to seek representation. This form of fee structure is non-recourse. This means you pay nothing to hire an attorney from our team.

We take on your case for no cost up front. If we do not win your case, you do not have to pay us a penny. If we do win your case, we simply take a flat percentage from your settlement as previously discussed.

We also offer a free case evaluation and initial consultation to all new clients and all accident victims. This allows us to offer some free unbiased legal advice and a space where you can ask whatever questions you need to ask. If you are unsure about your rights and whether or not you even qualify to raise a claim, get in touch with one of our Baltimore personal injury lawyers today!

How Long Do You Have to File a Claim Under The Maryland Statute of Limitations

In Baltimore, you are ruled by the Maryland Statute of Limitations which places a legal time limit on how long you have to make a claim relating to an incident. Once this time has elapsed, the other party will have grounds to have it thrown out instantly if you try to raise a claim. This statute is designed to protect people from being sued many years down the line from the incident.

As well as the Statute of Limitations, you should also be aware that the sooner you involve your attorney in your case, the better the chances of raising a successful case. This is because many of the investigator tasks they need to carry out are easiest achieved closest to the incident. If they need to uncover CCTV footage, for example, if you leave it too long, there is a good chance the CCTV footage will have been deleted.

Four Elements of Negligence

Ensuring that the four elements of negligence are proven is an important task your attorney will perform. If they cannot prove the four elements, they will have a hard time convincing any courtroom that you deserve to be awarded the damages and compensation you are seeking.

The four elements that they will need to prove are:

Duty of Care

Firstly, for negligence to occur, there must have been a duty of care owed by the at-fault party to the victim. A duty of care is a legal obligation to act in a manner that preserves the health and well-being of another individual.

You could assume a duty of care to another person for a number of reasons:

  • Road users automatically assume a duty of care to other users of the road
  • Property owners automatically assume a duty of care to visitors to their property (This can even include trespassers)
  • Medical providers owe a duty of care to their patients
  • Manufacturers owe a duty of care to their customers

Breach of the Duty of Care

The second element that needs to be proven is that the duty of care was breached through unreasonable behavior. Unreasonable behavior is any behavior that is seen as different from how a reasonable individual would act in that situation.

This unreasonable and negligent behavior can be an act or an omission of an act or a lack of due care and attention.

Examples of this are as follows:

Omission of Act - A shop owner neglecting to warn customers that there is a wet floor after the floor has been cleaned after a spillage.

Negligent Act - Ignoring a sign to slow down because roadworks and road workers are ahead and crashing into a pedestrian.

Lack of Due Care and Attention - Lack of fetal monitoring during the pregnancy.


The third element you will be expected to prove is the causation of your injuries. You will need to prove that the accident directly caused the injuries you have suffered. This can be proven through accident reports or records of medical attention close to the incident.


The last element that you will need to be able to prove is that the injuries you have suffered directly led to you suffering damages.

Determining Fault and Liability in a Baltimore, Personal Injury Case

In cases that proceed to the courtroom, you and your attorney will need to convince the jury that you deserve compensation. They will listen to the evidence, and the case put forward by your attorney and make a decision.

In cases that are settled outside of court, the other party usually accepts fault and offers you a settlement value or negotiates one you are happy with with your attorney.

What Evidence to Collect in a Maryland Personal Injury Case

The more evidence that you and your Baltimore personal injury attorney can collate, the stronger your chances of a successful claim. When it comes to proving fault and assigning liability, your evidence will be crucial.

Here is some evidence some of the forms of evidence that could be used in your case:

Accident Reports

When any of the emergency services attend the scene of an accident, they will fill in an accident report. This can be obtained by your attorney and used as evidence as it will contain unbiased evidence such as the names of people involved, what happened, what injuries were sustained etc.

Photographs and Videos of the Accident Scene

If your injuries allow it, taking pictures and videos on the scene is a great idea. Visual evidence like this is always strong, and if you recorded a statement of what happened at the same time, you will provide your attorney with some extremely useful evidence for building your case.

Besides the evidence you can provide your attorney, they will also be carrying out their own investigation, looking for things like traffic surveillance, witnesses, and CCTV footage.

Medical Records

In order to prove causation, i.e, that the accident directly caused your injuries, you will need to provide documentation and evidence. Medical reports documenting the medical treatment you have needed as a result of the accident is a good way to prove this.

Medical Bills

Keeping all medical bills and receipts will assist your attorney as they will be able to back up their calculations with irrefutable evidence.

Another good way you can assist your attorney is to keep a daily record of your medical treatment, pain levels, and mood and keep your receipts attached or inside the diary.

Financial Documents

If you are going to claim for any economic damages (damages that have cost you money), you will need to be able to prove that you have indeed incurred them. For lost wages, proof of salary can be used to prove your losses for example.

Witness Testimony

If there were witnesses to your accident, and they are willing to cooperate, you should take as many details as possible and ask for a statement that they can confirm later on down the line. This is better than asking them to recollect what happened months later.

Expert Opinions

In certain situations, your Baltimore personal injury lawyer may turn to an expert witness to help them with building your case. A medical expert may be brought in for cases of medical malpractice for example.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents Our Attorneys Regularly Handle

While any injury caused by negligence that was not your fault may qualify you to make a claim, certain injuries are more common than others. Here are the ones we have dealt with commonly in the past:

Car Accident Injuries

The most common form of personal injury case, car accidents have a strong chance of causing serious injury. There are many reasons why someone may have acted negligently in a car accident case. Reckless driving, speeding, and driving while distracted are all common causes of car accident injuries.

Commercial Truck Accidents

A fully loaded commercial truck will cause a lot more damage than a normal passenger car if it crashes due to the added weight.

For this reason, commercial truck drivers and commercial truck companies must be compliant when it comes to ensuring drivers are well-trained, take adequate breaks and maintain their trucks.

Commercial truck accidents have historically led to substantial compensation figures, and for this reason, commercial trucking companies now employ the strongest legal teams they can to defend their drivers and reduce their payouts.

Commercial truck accidents are different from normal car accidents. Liability can lie with the driver, the company, and even the mechanics and manufacturer of the parts used can be held liable.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, we recommend discussing it with a skilled attorney, one with experience in fighting commercial trucking cases.

Medical Malpractice Injuries

Medical care costs a lot of money in Baltimore, and with that cost, you should be able to trust that the medical providers you are paying for are competent, well-trained, and act with all the due care and attention expected of them.

When your medical providers act negligently or without due care and attention, and you suffer a preventable medical malpractice injury, you have every right to be angry, and you are entitled to hold them accountable.

When they fail to do so, or act without due care and attention and cause you preventable injury, you deserve to hold them accountable and pursue compensation for your damages.

Defective and Dangerous Product Injuries

Manufacturers owe their customers a duty of care. That duty means that their products should be free of any potential defect that may cause harm to the customer. If it is found that there are any dangerous faults because a product injures a victim, they may be entitled to hold the manufacturer liable and pursue compensation for their damages as a result.


Ever since the early 1980's, Peter Angelos Law, LLC, has been working with the victims of asbestos-related injuries. If you have suffered injuries after you have been exposed to asbestos dust, you may have grounds to make a claim.

Being exposed to asbestos has been proven to increase the chances of developing serious, aggressive cancers like Mesothelioma. These cancers can be difficult to fight and may leave the victim suffering long-term health problems and requiring expensive treatment.

Environmental Litigation

Large companies should always take care to put measures in place that prevent serious damage and ecological harm to the areas around them. When this is not the case, and the company has not followed the correct environmental regulations, it can be a state or federal problem.

If you have been injured or have developed an illness or medical condition due to a company's failure to abide by applicable regulations, you may have a claim.

Pharmaceutical Liability 

You should not have to worry that the medicine you have been given by your medical providers is defective. If you have been prescribed a medication that has caused you serious injury or side effects that were not listed, then you may have grounds to make a claim.

How Do You Decide Which Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers To Hire

Finding an experienced personal injury lawyer in Baltimore can be a tough task, and for those that have never needed to hire legal representation before, it may seem like a scary decision.

We highly recommend that you avoid making any decisions based on billboard ads or television ads. These do not necessarily indicate a law firm's ability.

If you are currently looking for a personal injury firm to handle your case, here is what to look for:

  1. Take Advantage of Free Consultations - It is common for personal injury law firms to offer free consultations. In this meeting, you can get a feel for a potential attorney, ask them important questions, and receive some free advice. If you are unsure between several firms, make arrangements to meet with each one and make your decision afterward.
  2. Check Your Personalities Do Not Clash - Every personal injury attorney will have their own personality and different viewpoints. Many new clients underestimate the importance of getting along with their attorneys. Your case may run for several years, and during this time, you may be spending a lot of time with your attorney, and you may have to discuss difficult topics. We recommend making sure that your personalities gel well during your initial consultation.
  3. Ask About Their Track Record - A good law firm and a good personal injury lawyer will be more than happy to show you their victories. The more cases they have won in similar circumstances to yours, the more experience they will have to draw upon. This may give them an advantage in dealing with your case.
  4. Check Independent Review Sites - It is always a good idea to check any potential attorney on independent sites like AVVO. Attorneys have no control over these sites, meaning the independent review scores, based on years of service, accolades and awards and previous client reviews, can be a good indicator of their ability.
  5. Accessibility - If your attorney has a reputation for success, they will most likely be in hot demand. This means they will usually have a full caseload of clients and cases all year round. A great attorney will have exceptional management skills and will only take on a certain amount of clients. You should ask your attorney how busy they are and how they plan to allocate your case the time it deserves. However, you should never expect to have 24/7 access to your attorney.

If You Were Hurt, Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Baltimore Could Help

Our team of Baltimore personal injury lawyers are ready to help. With our long history of success in cases similar to yours, you can rest a little easier knowing we have things in check.

We keep our clients informed throughout the whole case, ensuring they are educated on important matters when necessary.

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