Frederick Doctor Sexual Assault

Dr. Ernesto Torres Lawsuits

In early May 2019, Dr. Ernesto Torres, a longtime pediatrician practicing in Frederick, Maryland, was charged with more than sixty counts of varying degrees of child sex abuse and sexual assault. After one brave victim came forward to report that she had been raped by Dr. Torres, additional victims of this abhorrent behavior have emerged. The alleged assaults were committed during routine medical appointments over the course of many years. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Torres also held privileges at Frederick Memorial Hospital.

If you or a loved one was assaulted by Dr. Torres, or any other doctor or medical professional, the experienced and compassionate victims’ rights attorneys at the Peter Angelos Law are standing by to help. With decades of experience, our team understands the lasting trauma caused by the physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of a minor and will provide the professional and emotional support you need to navigate the litigation process.

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