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Proven Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys

Peter Angelos Law is a team of Maryland injury lawyers you can trust.

Nothing about Peter Angelos Law says average. From the way we personally dedicate our support and passion to the injured victims and families we represent to the successful results that we have been able to deliver throughout the years, it is clear that our practice is founded on a tradition of service and a history of success.

Our Tradition of Service

Our Maryland personal injury lawyers have dedicated their professional careers to improving the lives of injured residents and families. Having helped thousands of individuals, families and small businesses obtain the compensation they deserve, we have proven time and time again that our skills, experience and unyielding dedication to serving our community is precisely what allows us to help our clients be successful.

Our support for local residents extends well beyond the exceptional legal services and representation that we provide. Our firm's community involvement has been a pillar of our practice since its inception, and we have made it part of our mission to give back to the residents of Maryland who trust us to help them in their times of need.

We have also represented the state of Maryland in a successful lawsuit against the tobacco industry in which we secured a $4.5 billion recovery. Our efforts were commended throughout the legal community for our contribution to the resolution of tobacco litigation nationwide. We take pride in serving our community.


Our History of Success

At Peter Angelos Law, our legacy of success is a testament to our personal injury attorneys' fierce commitment, work ethic and dedication to every case we work on and each client we support. Throughout our more than 50 years of skilled practice, our firm has managed to successfully secure billions of dollars in compensation for our clients - a feat that should make you more than confident in our ability to handle your case and advocate on your behalf.

Our Founder- Peter Angelos

The name Peter Angelos has long been synonymous with service - and success. As an attorney for more than 50 years, he has devoted his professional life to representing those who have suffered from exposure to harmful asbestos fibers, defective products, medical malpractice, and personal injury. Peter Angelos is a passionate advocate and a tireless champion for Baltimore, his hometown.

Everything we do at Peter Angelos Law is designed to improve the lives of our clients and to ensure that their rights are protected. By focusing our efforts on providing top-quality services and successful resolutions, we have been able to achieve justice and fair compensation for those who were truly in need. We know that you may have many options when it comes to choosing legal representation for your personal injury case, but we firmly believe that our Maryland personal injury lawyers can offer a sincere level of service and support that you cannot find anywhere else.

To learn more about working with our firm and how we can help with your case, call 800 252-6622  for a free consultation.

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